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Discussion Files being moved to tdrive share, but not to gdrive ...


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From what I've read, PGBlitz works by sending files as follows:

PGBlitz/rclone > /mnt/move > Team/Shared drive (encrypt folder) > Google Drive (encrypt folder)

My install seems to miss the last part however. The files arrive on the Team Share and can be seen in the tdrive account share and in the gdrive account share.
PGBlitz > /mnt/move > Team/Shared drive (encrypt folder)

Am I correct in thinking that the files should automatically be moved from the Team/Shared (encrypt) drive to my Google Drive (encrypt)?



No your assumption is not correct. Blitz uses team drive. GDrive is only used for appdata backups.


Blitz 2nd Class
Thanks for clarifying - just wondered why PGBlitz created two sets of 'encrypt' and 'plexdrive' folders - one in Google Drive and another in the Team Drive/Share folder.


Blitz 2nd Class
Well, PGBlitz is sending the encrypted files to tcrypt:/encrypt ... I need them on my gdrive at gcrypt:/Archive

Right now, I don't see any encrypted files being automatically transferred from tcrypt to gcrypt.

What am I missing?

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