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Exempt Ombi from PGShield

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Ya, that's much simpler. You could add a pull request to the community repo, it should also fix the watchtower app list generation during new installs too since that uses the same scripts to generate it's initial list.
Semi related note; I was having an issue where after a wipe and restore of my server none of my Core apps were showing in PGShield, so I couldn't exempt Emby for example. I haven't read the code changes and I'm not sure I've read enough to understand the issue but this whole thread seems to be related to just community apps, your fix works for my issue too.


This might be fixed now, please repull the community apps before testing (just go to the menu then exit). thanks! It worked fine for me because I don't use community apps.
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Just remove the OAUTH label in portainer, i believe it was rocker who showed me this trick, works like a charm.



Can anyone confirm on 8.6.6 as of today, this issue is fixed?
Assists Greatly with Development Costs


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Can anyone confirm on 8.6.6 as of today, this issue is fixed?
hi shadow - might be missing something - and i didnt want to touch anything, got everyting working : ) i did update to 8.6.6 on both feeder and plex. i still get the fuse error but confirm uploads are working. just wish they were faster lol - ok sorry for hijack...

back to ombi - i only ever used non fork - i selected diable single app - ombi 4k and hdr are thee but i dont see ombi, at work using remote vps to run cli but dont see it.

does that help?

edit - i have ombi previously open but removing oauth in portainer - based on prior thread comments, ombi not appearing here does appear correct...

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