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Discussion ERROR! playbooks must be a list of plays


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I am trying to use traefik to reverse proxy Plex with cloudflare, I'm almost positive I have everything in cloudflare setup properly. When i go to plex.TLD.LIFE it gives a 404 not found. When I check traefik logs there are no logs.


ERROR! playbooks must be a list of plays

? Portainer Check

NOTE 1: Do NOT EXIT this interface. Please standby for validation checks!

NOTE 2: Checking on https://portainer.rayplex.life's existance.
Please allow 10 seconds for portainer to boot up.

NOTE 3: Be aware that simple mistakes such as bad input, bad domain, or
not knowing what your doing counts for 75% of the problems.

StandBy - Portainer Validation Checks: 0 Seconds

? Portainer Check: FAILED!

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