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Solved Error Installing

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Hello guys,

I'm doing a clean install and get this error

⛔ WARNING! Installed Failed! PlexGuide Command Missing!
Please Reinstall PlexGuide by running the Command Again! We are doing
this to ensure that your installation continues to work!


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This was a weird one for me what I had to do to bypass that and it worked for me but don't quote me was to wget the file down onto my desktop then chmod +x and ran it from there under sudo perms and that worked for me. Was a little strange but I might be just missing something.


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Hey, When I did it from the wget in general it worked but it might of been ironic when you added it as I didn't see git before but I did when I ran it off the wget not too long ago, cheers :)


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if the python repeats, type pgedge. future installs will stop. had a line of code that reset a varabile at the end of the python run.

@bubbadk thanks for your patience guys :D i really did test several times before releaed, but probably had some variables on my box that stopped me from seeing the problems.

The upside, this is another step closer to resolve 18.10 install issues (now just gotta work docker for 18.10 specifically)
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