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Does GCE need NVME drives?

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So I've been playing around with the GCE deployment options in PgBlitz the past couple of days as I'm spinning up and destroying servers to test them. While playing around I thought it would be nice to be able to stop/start the server so that I didn't spend too much money (I've used my credits and I'm too lazy to make another account). So I went ahead and added stop/start options to the menu only to realise that the GCE servers that PgBlitz builds can't be stopped because they use Local SSDs (I believe this is the NVME drives).


So my question is, do we _need_ to use NVME drives? If I forked PGBlitz GCE and created a version that used standard SSD's or HDD's would it work OK for PgBlitz? For testing purposes at least, I don't plan on using these servers for 24/7 downloading, mostly for testing beta releases.



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You can probably get a new account with credits, google lets you use the same card more than once.
Ah yeah, I almost definitely could. I honestly don't mind paying something per month for a server but it'd be nice to be able to turn if off/on so that I'm not burning money overnight or when I'm not actively using it. Unfortunately can't do that with NVME servers in GCP

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