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Discussion Do you run your GCE 24/7 or shut it down?


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Running out of my $300 credit so getting ready to start up a new one. I've always just ran it 24/7 but now I'm thinking on this next one shutting it down and turning it on only once a day for it to grab all the latest. Whats everyone else doing?


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If you're looking for a setup that doesn't need to be 24/7 it can be done but it's a little more complicated to setup and has some obvious drawbacks.

The biggest issue is having plex instances not available when the computer is in sleep (what @Admin9705 is getting at). That means no access to plex/gdrive which is no good.


What I've done in the past is have a Host OS (windows or linux) that has plex and rclone mounted to the OS WITHOUT pgblitz running on the host OS.

Setup the host OS to sleep and give it the ability to wake on lan (WOL) when requested. There are a bunch of threads on plex's forums and reddit about how to achieve this if you need help. Remember to make sure to enable WOL on your bios.

From there you can have a VM in your host OS running linux.
Run pgblitz from the VM as your feeder (without plex installed because its on the host).

You can set a schedule to start/stop the VM daily or twice a day. You can also schedule your computer/ host OS to wake up a minute before you schedule your VM to start up just to be sure the host OS is ready.

That should setup a system that will spin up when users access plex as well as spinning up to utilize pgblitz.

There is also another option which is kind of best of both worlds. I haven't seen many posts about it and no tutorials so it might take some effort to get working. But you run a raspberrypi or similar small computer that watches RSS feeds (like how sonarr/radarr function). When there is something you want to grab. It sends a WOL to your feeder. That way you grab right after indexing and don't have to wait for a set schedule. I can't help you on that method but if you are up for a challenge, it sounds like a viable option.

This is all if you want automation (which is awesome and you should). If you purely want an feeder that requires some input whenever you feel like expanding your library: Just setup a host OS with plex, rclone and WOL. That why you can always access plex/gdrive and just run your pgblitz vm when needed.


Word of warning:

Lots of moving pieces means it probably won't always be working 100%. You may need to access the machine locally to futz with things. I use to run a similar setup and it was "pretty" stable. Only needed help with things about once a week/month so it was acceptable. I've since switch to 24/7 because it's easier and I'm running an entirely different setup (Sever grade vs mini pc under the tv).

Indexer take downs could be an issue since you aren't grabbing the second a file is indexed. People always say this. Personally I haven't had issues. YUMV though. Could always try it out and see.

Pgblitz don't love to be shut down in my experience. It may be fine and work well but I've had some weird things happen (docker disappear, mounts needing redeployment ect). Never data loss and I don't foresee that being a issue, mostly just minor issues.

Linux as a host OS is rock solid but in my experience doesn't like to sleep and wake up. YUMV but for me windows seems to handle this better for the host OS, but the downside being using windows and everything that comes with that :rolleyes:

TLDR: It can be done successfully, but it might have some issues. If you are set on not running 24/7 you should try it out and report back! If it doesn't work out smoothly.... then just let it run 24/7. It makes a nice, expensive heater in the winter.
My experience is that PG Blitz NVME GCE instances do not like to be shut down/restarted at all, ever, and doing so usually results in having to rebuild the vm from scratch.


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Yeah, I've had similar experiences. If you can pull off a safe shutdown it seems alright but that hardly is the case. Best practice is 24/7. That ensures stability.

With all the effort at making this work, it's probably more feasible to use rclone and write your own scripts and omit pgblitz entirely. Pgblitz really isn't meant to function in an on/off environment.


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Ok cool thanks for all the feedback. Guess Ill throw that idea out of the window and just continue to run 24/7. Figured it might be a way to squeeze a little more out of the $300 credit but its not worth the headache.


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Ok cool thanks for all the feedback. Guess Ill throw that idea out of the window and just continue to run 24/7. Figured it might be a way to squeeze a little more out of the $300 credit but its not worth the headache.
I'm glad I came by this post because I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'm using GCE but the $300 credit isn't going to last 3 months... Mine is using about $7 per day. I like the GCE, but don't really need it consuming credits 24/7 and at that cost, it might be better for me to invest in a NUC8 with Ubuntu and have a dedicated pgblitz at home (with AT&T GIG fiber (no cap)) as my backbone since I travel with work and I'm always going to be 100% remote.

Anyway, my current set up is:

Processor Count: 6
Ram Count: 8
NVME Count: 2

I'm thinking I might back up the GCE and create a new one with different values (maybe a 4/8/1) and see how that goes. If I had it running at a point where it was ~$100 a month, I'd just keep the GCE after the trial and pay for it, but at ~$200 a month, seems kind of high...

Does anyone have a setup that uses closer to ~$3 a day on average? What are those stats?

@Whatdafuq Another idea is that you could shut down all of your containers at a specific time (leaving your gdrive/tdrive to serve plex) and bring them back up every day... That might provide some savings based on clock cycles....



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I run a few local (and offsite) servers and haven't used VPS that much so I'm not experienced as others on this forum in that manner, but... If you are looking a remote dedicated server you could get one for <$3 a day that should be able to support personal use + friends/family.

I've heard good things about Hetzner EX42s. You can also grab some good deals on hetzner's auction.
Should work out to ~$2/day with no need to mess with shutting down containers.

Again, I'm no expert on the remote server field but there are tons of posts/members here for recommendations.

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