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[Dev] Traktastic - Automated Recommendations Libaries for all Users


Project Manager
Hi all,

I developed something new. A lot of my friends asked me if it's possible to get some useful recommendations directly in in Plex - so i came up with this idea!

First, things first - this is no Docker image so far, it's a standalone framework which is working on its own currently. To test it with PGBlitz, you need to download and execute it within the Plex docker container, or define a library place where the docker image can read it!

Github: https://github.com/h1f0x/Traktastic

A Python framework to map several Plex users to individual Trakt.tv profiles. In addition, user-specific Plex libraries can be created with recommendations based on Trakt.tv data.

Features of Traktastic:

  • Link different Plex users to their own Trakt.tv profiles
  • Update the "watched history" for single or all users
  • Receive recommendations for individual or all users (TV series and movies)
  • Configure filters for the desired recommendations, while TV series or films that do not meet the criteria are automatically dismissed and new ones are loaded
  • Based on the recommendations, create new Plex Libraries for the respective users, whereby existing content is linked to a user-specific directory by means of symlinking in order to save space
  • Create and share the libraries directly on your Plex Server and share them with the corresponding user automatically
In development:

  • Cronjob Administration
  • Sonarr/Radarr API

Instructions can be found on Github. I would be very happy to get some feedback to it! If you have questions, just ask!


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