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[DelugeVPN] Setup, Cant connect to Webinterface


Blitz 3rd Class
I entered my PIA credentials and installed delugevpn. Now when im trying to connect to <my-ip>:8112, i cant reach the webinterface: Cant reach website; ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

But i can access every other service with <my-ip>:<port-of-the-service>, like Plex, Portainer...

I tried SSH tunneling from 8112 to <my-ip>:8112, but this doesnt work either.

I reinstalled it with:
sudo docker stop delugevpn
sudo docker rm delugevpn
sudo rm -r /opt/appdata/vpn,

but still cant connect to the webinterface.


Project Manager
i'm working a mass rewrite. the delugevpn will be nurfed on the next version. once this rewrite is stable, i'll rewrite the vpn. the reason is i didn't make the deluge vpn ( @Deiteq ) was the awesome mastermind behind it. i'll study it and format it accordingly.


Project Manager
ok, i didnt know its being reworked. Can you tell a date when the fixed version might be ready?
Unknown; this is a hobby project. So the order of work is:

1. Finish primary rewrite
2. Fix bugs
3. Main issues inbetween that trump the vpn
4. Study the VPN Portion (this can be long or short)
5. Magic

I personally do not use torrents so many things will normally trump this. PG was originally written for newsgroups :D and torrent stuff has mostly been pushed by other members :D


Blitz 3rd Class
Any update on this? I have the same problem, can't connect to the webinterface on port 8112, other programs work fine
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Blitz 3rd Class
Another problem, can't connect from sonarr and radarr with the domain "deluge-vpn" only with the ip of the docker container. But that ip changes everytime I reboot so that needs to be fixed too

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