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DelugeVPN separate download disk


Junior Member
I recently installed a 4TB hard drive into my locally hosted plexguide server which boots from a 512GB SSD. I followed instructions online to format as ext4, partition, and mount the 4TB HDD to the path /media/hardrive.
I gave the path /media/hardrive the permissions 777.
I intended to give the download client deluge access to the hdd as buffer for downloads, so I modified the docker containers for Sonarr, Radarr, and Deluge to bind to the /media/hardrive location.
I modified the download location in DelugeWebUI to download to /media/hardrive/

After this, I would expect the completed downloads in Deluge to be transferred into Plex. However, this is not the case. Is there proper support for multiple hard drives in the docker apps at the moment? Do I have to change some MultiHD preferences in plexguide settings?


Mount the drive as /mnt/downloads ;)
So you have never trouble and rebuild the container to the basic paths.


Junior Member
I mounted the hard drive as /mnt/downloads and Deluge is downloading content to the disk successfully. I don't know if this is related, but now I am having problems with torrents completing in Deluge but not being transferred to unionfs for Plex. This is despite the Label plugin being activated.

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