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delugeVPN cannot change default username/pass of container


Junior Member
I am trying to modify the package binhex/arch-delugevpn to include my NordVPN .ovpn file and username/password.

I placed my .ovpn file in /opt/appdata/deluge/openvpn/

If I run delugeVPN at this point, it will create a file in /opt/appdata/deluge/openvpn/ called credential.conf which contain two lines: vpnusername and vpnpass (these are the default values of the docker container delugeVPN). I attempt to modify these in portainer by clicking the duplicate/edit button and change the env variables to my correct values. I have to create a temporary container called deluge-new, remove the original delugeVPN container, and then change the name from deluge-new to deluge & restart. When I do this, delugeVPN seemingly doesn't read/write to supervisord.log or credentials.conf. I also cannot access the web ui through my subdomain through traefik.

Any help is appreciated.


Check the permissions.

chown -cR <user-name>:<user-name> /opt/appdata/deluge/
And try again


Junior Member
Works for me on 8.1.3 @plex_noob thanks!

Edit: One problem, I cannot get the vpn & deluge containers to start on boot like the core containers. I tried changing the restart policy in portioner to "when stopped", and the containers were in the stopped state after a reboot.
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Senior Member
This is really strange. Did you keep the dependency between deluge and VPN. If yes then deluge should wait for VPN to start. But I don't understand why the vpn container does not start. I don't have any problem on my side. Did you check the log files?
tail -n 200 /var/log/syslog


Junior Member
@plex_noob the VPN container autostarts on boot like it should, it was deluge that wasn't starting that got my attention. Maybe I need to wait for deluge's dependencies to be satisfied before manually starting the container after a reboot. I will report back.

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