Discussion Deluge path changes? Is there any info which states what the paths should be in the container since v8?


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My Deluge Container seems to be broken?? The Deluge Container actually fails to start on its own after updates, reboots etc. I have to manually start it each time but for some reason downloads dont seem to be working?? Has there been changes of the paths the deluge container uses? Ive tried to remove the deluge app and container and then pruning docker, but its still failing to download anything. Im using a 2nd Download path but it had been working till v8.

I dont know if this has anything to do with it but i see these errors from the installer menu: -

Also on the deluge container itself the paths definately dont look right: -

I dont even have /temp or /torrent anymore.

I know from the changelogs that sonarr and radarr needed a mass path change which ive done but i couldnt see anything about deluge path changes hence my post. Should deluge now download to /downloads rather than /downloaded?

Can anyone help with this?

OK Quick update i think i answered my own question, it seems that i had to move my storage on my torrents to /downloads from /downloaded as the Wiki article states.

Whether Sonarr and Radarr will pick them up i dont know yet but ill update this thread once ive completed a downloading torrent.

Ok so Sonarr and Radarr doesnt have access to the same /downloads volume as assigned to deluge so they cant pick up MKV's

So can anyone help with this?? Do i need to manually attach the same /downloads volume to Sonarr & Radarr or should i try to remove those apps first and try a reinstall after another prune?

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