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Data over Cloudflare? Is it safe?


Junior Member
I have configured Plex (and all the other subdomains for containers) to be routed over Cloudflare CDN. My concern is if CF will suspend my account because of bandwidth I use over the plex subdomain? I don't see any limit on this, but maybe they will not like to have more GB's of data streamed over their network daily? Any ideas about this, what did you experience?
Everything is working now, it is fast and good, but would be bad to see my account suspended because of violation of their ToS. I'm on free plan, cache bypass configured as per the Wiki instructions here.


Junior Member
Thanks, lets hope I get some answers on this. I like the setup as it is now, but don't want to be suspended.


Junior Member
I use CF quite a lot, and Plex is no exception. Can't say my CF traffic is huge, but it can easily surpass 250 GB total on some days, that includes remote sync jobs. No network issues so far, no suspensions either.


Full Member
Been using CF for about a year. I have hit close to a Tb on a few days and no issue. I actually moved my domain hosting to CF because of their support and the costs are less.


Junior Member
I also moved my domain to CF. Well, these are actually good news, I hope they will not enforce any restrictions. They are fast and really good, and the price of the domain is also the best. And it is actually lot faster for plex with my use case.
Thanks for your replies!

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