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Comparison between GPUs for transcoding


Data Hoarding Primate
I played about with a 980GTX and modified drivers (works reasonably well), but it was a waste of a decent GPU and no hardware HEVC encode/decode support is a concern longer term. I could have gone with a 960 cheaply enough, or the 1050 (arguably better), both are decent cards with patched drivers, but a m2000 came up cheap and as the elpamsoft benchmarks show, its a capable card, only downside is it won't do HDR to SDR which (when tone mapping is fixed eventually) the P2000 etc. will. As I keep a dedicated 4K library and it's never transcoded, that seems like a small trade off considering the price point is 20-25% of the cost of a P2000, no patching required and my uplink is going to be a limit what before the GPU.

What people seem to ignore is that modern intel iGPU's can do the same and are very efficient at it. For Xeon/Ryzen/TR (eg no iGPU) a cheap GPU can free up a lot of resources for other stuff.

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