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Comparison between GPUs for transcoding


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I played about with a 980GTX and modified drivers (works reasonably well), but it was a waste of a decent GPU and no hardware HEVC encode/decode support is a concern longer term. I could have gone with a 960 cheaply enough, or the 1050 (arguably better), both are decent cards with patched drivers, but a m2000 came up cheap and as the elpamsoft benchmarks show, its a capable card, only downside is it won't do HDR to SDR which (when tone mapping is fixed eventually) the P2000 etc. will. As I keep a dedicated 4K library and it's never transcoded, that seems like a small trade off considering the price point is 20-25% of the cost of a P2000, no patching required and my uplink is going to be a limit what before the GPU.

What people seem to ignore is that modern intel iGPU's can do the same and are very efficient at it. For Xeon/Ryzen/TR (eg no iGPU) a cheap GPU can free up a lot of resources for other stuff.


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Hi everybody,

I searched the forum but didn't find anything similar so will ask here :)
Currently my home server is having issues with HW transcoding or lacking it because the incompatible CPU.

So now the upgrade is coming HP Z820 Workstation with 128 GB ECC DDR3 RAM, 2x Intel® XEON E5-2665 2,4GHz, Nvidia P2000 and about 20 TB of storage.
I meant to run a Ubuntu VM on ESXi with PCIE GPU passtrough but there are mixed threads about GPU transcoding on linux.
Does anybody have a similar setup?


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@intihar, running very similar setup with a p2000. It works amazingly. You shouldn't have issues. If you can ditch Plex for emby, that's always my suggestion. They have hw support in Linux and have been polishing it for a long time (Plex does now as well but just recently updated so might be buggy, yumv).

If you have issues, I recommend digging through the unraid forums. Lots of users running your exact setup and they have heavily documented solutions/guides.


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Just purchased a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and I'm trying to pass it through to Emby in my Plexguide setup. I've done a lot of researching and trial and error but I could really use some assistance.

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