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Discussion Cloudflare Speed Issues

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Is anyone experiencing issue with speeds using Cloudflare?

I've had this setup working perfectly for 2 years but in the last couple of days things have gone south. Speeds have dropped significantly. To the point where disabling cloudflare (DNS only) on my plex.domain.com works MUCH better than having it switched on(proxied / "yellow cloud"). It's almost like they are throttling Plex traffic. I checked the cloudstatus page, no issues listed there. I did a tracert and ping, those look normal too. When I try to download a file through Plex Web it's crawling at 200KB/s. But when I do it without cloudflare, I get close to full line speed.


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I have noticed this same issue, with lots of buffering only recently when streaming from my remote server with CF CDN.
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