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Discussion cloudflare: failed to find zone error in the logs. Traefik isn't deployed properly

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I'm having problems with deploying traefik

This is my traefic log:
time="2019-07-14T21:28:47+02:00" level=error msg="Unable to obtain ACME certificate for domains \"MYSITE.club\" : unable to generate a certificate for the domains [MYSITE.club]: acme: Error -> One or more domains had a problem:\n[MYSITE.club] [MYSITE.club] acme: error presenting token: cloudflare: failed to find zone MYSITE.club.: ListZones command failed: error from makeRequest: HTTP status 400: content \"{\\\"success\\\":false,\\\"errors\\\":[{\\\"code\\\":6003,\\\"message\\\":\\\"Invalid request headers\\\",\\\"error_chain\\\":[{\\\"code\\\":6102,\\\"message\\\":\\\"Invalid format for X-Auth-Email header\\\"}]}],\\\"messages\\\":[],\\\"result\\\":null}\"\n"

Portainer Check

NOTE 1: Do NOT EXIT this interface. Please standby for validation checks!

NOTE 2: Checking on https://portainer.xxxxx.club's existance.
Please allow 10 seconds for portainer to boot up.

NOTE 3: Be aware that simple mistakes such as bad input, bad domain, or
not knowing what your doing counts for 75% of the problems.

StandBy - Portainer Validation Checks: 0 Seconds

🚀 Portainer Check: FAILED!
SMART TIP: Check Portainer Now! View the Traefik Logs!

REASON 1 - CloudFlare: portainer is not set in the CNAME or A Records
REASON 2 - DuckDNS : Forgot to create a portainer or * - A Record
REASON 3 - Firewall : Everything is blocked
REASON 4 - DelayValue: Set too low; CF users reported using 90 to work
REASON 5 - OverUse : Deployed too much; hit LetsEncrypt Weekly Limit
REASON 6 - User : PG Locally; Route is not enable to reach server
REASON 7 - User : Bad values input or failed to read the wiki
REASON 8 - User : Forgot to point DOMAIN to CORRECT IP ADDRESS

There are multiple reason for failure! Visit the forums, wiki, or Pgblitz!
Acknowledge Info | Press [ENTER]

🚀 Traefik Process Failed!
SMART TIP: When fixed, rerun this process again!

NOTE 1: Possibly unable to reach subdomains
NOTE 2: Subdomains will provide insecure warnings

Any ideas on how to fix this?

thank you

My current cloudfare settings (domain is registered with namecheap)


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You can't use wildcards.

Also it's better to use CNames for subdomains not A records.

You also need everything orange clouds.

You need to run on SSL in CF as well, you can go strict, turn on HSTS too.

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