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Discussion Clients losing connection to file mounted on GDrive


Blitz 3rd Class

I've been experiencing an issue on multiple endpoint devices (Nvidia Shield, Roku, etc) where I'll be watching some content and it will freeze playback and force me to rewind or fast forward to regain connectivity with the media. I've tried posting within the rclone forum without much luck other then switching to rclone caching or transcoding. Below are the details of my issue and hoping someone might have insight toward resolution.

Dedicated ubuntu 18.04, 1gb down, 256meg up. PGBlitz 8.6RC1 (also occurred with 8.5)
RClone = v1.46

My client is Nvidia Shield and I've validated this issue occurs on both emby and plex. Both are currently excluded from the traefik. No transcoding is being performed.
Experienced this on a variety of file types and different videos. Occurrences are random and can occasionally watch hours without issue and then randomly i’ll have 2 or 3 drops within 30 mins. With the shield, i’m able to rewind 15 second and have it resume but as you will see from the logs, it definitely releases the filestream. Configs posted along with but i haven’t tweaked pgblitz’s defaults much.

Here are the configs and logs of the events. I show a little extra data from when I rewind the file 15 seconds and it resumes.

Hope you all might have some feedback.


Project Manager
We dont support this one .

This is never an PGBlitz install.

Any changes is in your own risk.

So the issue is not from PG.

Please dont touch any config files.

So many people use crypted GDrive or TDrive.

( i use tcrypt and all works beautiful )

So reinstall the hole.server !!
And dont touch the files,
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Project Manager
Please post your Sever specs !

free -m | grep Mem | awk 'NR=1 {print $2}'

df -m / --total --local -x tmpfs | grep 'total' | awk '{print $2}'

grep "1000" /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f1 | awk '{print $1}'

lsb_release -sd


Blitz 3rd Class
Hey MrDoob,
Thank you for the quick response! The only changes can be reverted easily and I can definitely reinstall the whole server if needed here. No problems at all from that angle if thats what you believe might be a resolution here. The tweaks to configs were only made in hopes of resolving the issue and they did occur with the vanilla install from a fresh server install. I also totally agree this could be a me problem. I whole heartedly appreciated this amazing platform you all have made and assume it may be something dumb i've done on my end. Just wasn't sure if this has ever been an issue seen previously with a potential workaround.


Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

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