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Discussion Change subdomain?


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Hi everyone

Loving this stuff, currently in the process of replacing my current seedbox with it.

Is there anyway to change the subdomains created by PGBlitz?

Ie. For ombi, I currently use request.domain.tld

I'd like to keep this if possible?



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Thanks- are there any guides on where to change the code?


Open portainer
Click "local" >
click "container" >
Click "ombi" >
Click "duplicate / edit" >

Click "labels" >

Scroll down to
This line "
name = traefik.frontend.rule

value = Host: ombi.yourdomain.anyelse, "

Change it to

" name = traefik.frontend.rule

value = Host:request.yourdomain.anyelse, "

Click " deploy "

And wait 2min

Refresh the https://request.yourdomain.anyelse page .

Well done ;)


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Great thank you @MrDoob - much appreciated.

Will this be overridden if I redeploy anything - and will the change be captured by OAuth etc?
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Great thank you once again!


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where/how do can I make these changes without the override? can I fork the code, is there a guide on this?
Fork: https://github.com/PGBlitz/Apps-Community/tree/v8.6/apps
Find the .YML file for the app you want to change and modify the "pgrole" attribute in the name section. You should find it in the first 20 lines on any YML file.

Redeploy and choose the personal fork option, follow the on-screen instructions.

This could cause issues further down stream, I'm not sure. Since the PGrole name is used to display text via SSH, choose file paths, etc.

A dirtier solution would be to modify the frontend rule label in the same YML file(s), it's usually around line 30.
Ctrl+f on "traefik.frontend.rule: "
modify the data from 'Host:{{pgrole}}.{{domain.stdout}},{{tldset}}' to 'Host:YourNameHere.{{domain.stdout}},{{tldset}}'


Redeploy and choose the personal fork option, follow the on-screen instructions. Just know that this option, when complete, will output the incorrect URL, and I'm not sure how it will affect the "Traefik URL" settings:

💎 Access Configuration Info > http://unifi.pgblitz.com

▫ unifi:3478 <- Traefik URL (Internal App-to-App)
▫ unifi.domain.com

✅ Process Complete! | PRESS [ENTER]
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