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change emby ports when emby won't load


Full Member
I just deployed a new instance of PGBlitz. I wanted to experiment with Emby as my daily driver instead of Plex. I was trying to get it to communicate outside of the network when I changed it to port 443 like one other thread suggested.

I must have changed the wrong port to 443 because now it has a conflict with Traefik according to portainer. It will not start and has a 443 conflict. Any ideas to help besides destroy and start over?

Thank you.


Full Member
yeah when i set to 443, all of a sudden, emby would throw a 404 error and portainer told me that traefik was using port 443. Weird. Not sure why


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I was only a bit of work into this build so I just destroyed it assuming I messed something up that just wouldn't go away despite what I did with portainer to delete the image and try to reinstall it.
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