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Discussion CDN Slow through reverse proxy

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Hi guys, looking for some help.

I followed the wiki to setup Cloudflare CDN, however I'm finding plex very slow to load, especially cover art. It's only been happening since setting up CDN. Anyone else experienced this and found ways to speed it up?



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OK, so now Plex isn't letting me access settings, it just says "Server settings are unavailable.".

Something slightly wrong here. I've read this short thread to troubleshoot (https://forums.plex.tv/t/server-setting-unavailable-on-16-04-lts/219433) and it looks like I've done something wrong during the CDN setup, possibly not disabling remote access.

Is it best to turn off CDN and reset settings, or is there a way that I can access settings without turning off the CDN?



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If you think you might have missed a step then it'd be best to clear up and start again. I can't imagine why the CDN would cause your settings not to load, I would be more inclined to say that's a permission problem where Plex isn't recognising your user as the admin. However, disabling the CDN is a good place to start because trying to work with it turned on if something is missing will get messy quickly.

Disabling the CDN is as simple as unticking the orange clouds in the Cloudflare DNS dashboard for your Root Server & Plex, within a few minutes you'll be accessing your server again directly. You can check the status of the DNS update by running something like
watch -n5 dig +short plex.yourdomainhere.com
until you see it jump from 2 IP addresses back down to one

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