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can't connect to my server

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I have a Hetzner dedi. and everything was chugging along just fine but now I can't open any apps or ssh in.

I hadn't checked in on the server for a few weeks or watched anything so I figured I'd check in with it, beside the wife wanted to DL some show. Couldn't open Plex so I checked on netdata and saw the CPU was at 50%ish. I tried to open nzbget to see if something was dl'ing or repairing and i got a 404(I think). Opened portainer and saw that nzbget was not running but portainer was acting funny. It was giving red notifications in the upper right corner. Sorry don't remember what they said. I then tried ssh and I couldn't get in that way either. The connection would time out. Maybe this was a mistake but I did a "Send CTRL+ALT+DEL to the server" from the Hetzner dashboard and things went from bad to worse. Now I get Error 521 web server is down on all apps and "port 22: connection refused" from ssh.

Can anyone shed a little light on this?

Sorry, I don't recall my PGblitz version. It's not the latest but it's not too old.


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Once again I self rescued. One of my drives failed. Hetrzner's support was Johnny on the spot and got it taken care of, kudos to them. Also, score 1 for the RAID1 team. I WAS on team RAID0 and now I have to rebuild. It's been mentioned in this community that the drives on these dedi's can be clunkers. NOT NO MOE, I'm going RAID1. 2TB should be more than enough for my needs and if a drive fails I should be good to go.

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