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Discussion cannot connect to docker


Junior Member
sorry. my box is with (www.seedboxco.net) and it's running
Ubuntu 18.04
i have spoken to ther support and they do allow SUDO and they can't unbderstand why it won't isntall. has in can plex and sonarr etc. they just won't run without the docker
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If you do have docker installed, the daemon might not be running.
Check with systemctl status docker


Project Manager
It might be your box. Test using a local vm or http://hetzner.cloud - You need to do for a sanity check (most of the times, it's a box) and you said it's a seedbox. Do you have root access?


Junior Member
found out i do defo have SUDO but they don't allow access to the /Var folder. or docker folder. i have access to other folder. is it possibly to install the docker to another location. if so how do i go about this sorry am a bit of a noob with this.


Junior Member
i have just had another reply (I'm not sure if docker will work on our system, you may need to install the software directly inside the Ubuntu VNC app instead. )

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