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can you hardware trans code from RYZEN 5 3600X


Junior Member
So I built a AMD Plex server with a P2000 GPU. I cant get it to work and i think its because you cant HW trans code from a AMD processor?

is this true?


Data Hoarding Primate
You're confusing HW transcoding (eg done in HardWare) with transcoding (eg done in software). AMD chips without intergraded graphics (aka iGPU) can't do HW transcoding, neither can intel, as they have no graphics hardware, they will do software transcoding which uses the CPU. If your 3600x had an intergraded graphics option, it could in theory do HW transcoding, but generally AMD don't do well in this scenario compared to intel/nvidia. You are using a P2000 to do HW transcoding, if the file format isn't suitable, it'll fallback to software transcoding. For that to work you need a PlexPass subscription. Also because of the way transcoding in Plex works, if you ever hit the resource limit of the card, it won't transcode anymore streams, that said you'd need to be doing a lot of streams to experience the issue.

When you do get HW transcoding working, look into the HW decoding patch doing the rounds for docker, i've not tried it yet, but reports are positive.

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