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Discussion Best paths and practices for automating seedbox downloads in local dedicated box?


Blitz 3rd Class
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Local - Dedicated Server
Hi, I have a question on best practice for remote mounts when integrating a seedbox into a dedicated local Ubuntu setup running 8.6.
I will be running Plex locally and download with Deluge exclusively, trying to outsource most downloads and seeding to an external seedbox. I've just upgraded pgblitz, installed all containers using the PG Box installer, and remounted gdrive unencrypted from both locations.

On the local box, I have a ton of folders under /mnt:
255.5 GiB [##########] /unionfs
255.5 GiB [##########] /gdrive
16.0 KiB [ ] /downloads
8.0 KiB [ ] /pgblitz
8.0 KiB [ ] /move
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /ultra
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /torrent
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /tmp
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /tdrive
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /tcrypt
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /pgops
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /nzb
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /incomplete
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /gcrypt
e 4.0 KiB [ ] /encrypt

  1. First, some of these appear to be remnants of an encrypted install which I aborted; are they safe to delete?

  2. I'd also like to ask, what is pgblitz's actual "workflow" for automating transfers? How often does it happen? On the seedbox, I had to manually set a cron job to rclone move finished downloads to the gdrive mount.

  3. When downloading locally and manually, where is the best place to save completed files for them to be automatically moved to gdrive?
    For example, this wiki page suggests /mnt/move as destination for automating, while the remote path mappings one mentions /mnt/downloads
    How about torrents still seeding? Best to just let *arr take care of it and follow the wiki instructions on remote path mappings?

  4. Assuming I replicate the same folder structure on the seedbox, when downloading remotely, what is a good way to get files off the seedbox and onto gdrive automatically?

  5. I attempted to assign a second, larger drive under /media as processing disk in PGblitz setup, but am also not sure how to adjust path mappings for that considering the above.

  6. According to the Rclone wiki page there's supposed to be a /mnt/plexdrive folder as well which I do not have -- perhaps Plexdrive is a separate, manual install?
Grateful for any and all information! Thank you!


Blitz Sergeant
Please explain your workflow clearly. Whats are you trying to do?
I dont get what your doing but i'll answer questions

2. Uses sonarr/radarr to move to /mnt/unionfs directory but the "magic" script moves it to /mnt/move which is uploaded to gdrive. No cron required
3. Save to /mnt/downloads while downloading then move them to /mnt/unionfs/tv when completed
4. Dont understand your workflow.
5. Cant help you.
6. Not needed. It's all build into move/mount script


Blitz 3rd Class
Thank you so much fr0sty, this is super helpful! I'm sorry for the confusing post. I solved the seedbox->gdrive transfer with a simple "$ rclone move --delete-empty-src-dirs [seedbox folder] gdrive:" command on the second machine (seedbox). On the physical machine, I was able to manually move the files not managed by *arr with "$ rclone --config /opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf move [local folder] gdrive:" without additional setup.
Okay, so plexguide is not needed any longer, and it's *arr that initiates the moving process... I see! Thanks!!

3. Save to /mnt/downloads while downloading then move them to /mnt/unionfs/tv when completed
Thank you! So moving files manually into /mnt/unionfs should actually move them off the physical disc and on to the gdrive (or whatever cloud storage one has configured under unionfs) in this case?

Still investigating how to include larger processing drives in the workflow you describe in 1. above. Plexguide setup makes it easy to add the drive as a volume mount to all containers, but it does not seem to be included in the pg move scripts... Thanks again


Blitz 3rd Class
Thank you TheShadow, so assuming the mounts are functioning correctly, manual move to /mnt/move should accomplish something similar to what I've been doing with "$ rclone move" in that case? :geek:

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