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Battlestar Galactica

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Blitz Samurai
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Title: Battlestar Galactica

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

First aired: 1978-09-17

Creator: Glen A. Larson

Cast: Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Terry Carter, John Colicos, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Tony Swartz, Jonathan Harris, Noah Hathaway, Laurette Spang, Anne Lockhart, Maren Jensen, Sarah Rush, John Colicos, Maren Jensen, Tony Swartz

Overview: When the 12 Colonies of Man are wiped out by a cybernetic race called the Cylons, Commander Adama and the crew of the battlestar Galactica lead a ragtag fleet of human survivors in search of a "mythical planet" called Earth.



Project Manager
I have this and the newer version. I like them both.
they could have kept it going, but the plots were all over the place sometimes.


Blitz Sergeant
they could have kept it going, but the plots were all over the place sometimes.
Are you talking about the newer version? If so, yeah, I guess it was only ever planned to be as long as it was. They didn't want to go any longer. I think because Edward James Olmos didn't want to. They definitely went a little wonky with some of the plots but I still enjoyed it.


Blitz Samurai
I actually only saw half a season of the 2000 one. What I did find to be very new for that time is the hand-held camera while filming the space battles. That was very renewing. About the plots, well guess I still have to figure that out. Another one for the watchlist.


Blitz 3rd Class
You might be able to tell from my avatar that I am a fan :)

The old one was a classic. Pa from Bonanza as Adama and the old Baltar was great.

The new one was good until towards the end when it seemed like they didn't know how to end it. My wife actually liked it too and she is not a sci-fi fan.


Blitz Samurai
Now there's an idea!


Blitz Sergeant
OG BSG was a great show. Kind of weird sometimes, and the plot was...less than airtight, but a great show. New one was fantastic (minus all the fat Apollo episodes), I just didn’t super enjoy the ending. I actually really liked Caprica, too bad that didn’t rate well.

I’m guessing in another 5 years or so either Netflix or Amazon will make another reboot.
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