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Ideas Backup ALL


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Instead of having to type every single container name, type ALL in caps and it does all the containers? Simple improvement


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This is not ideal because Plex and emby could be insanely big and if a user doesn't pay attention, your box can run out of space.
The backup files get zipped and uploaded to GDrive I thought? Where would the user face running out of space?


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Then the solution is instead of typing "ALL", the user has to type "ALL-YES-I-AM-PAYING-ATTENTION-AND-KNOW-I-CAN-RUN-OUT-OF-SPACE". ;)

Really, though, not sure how forcing a user to type everything in negates that risk. Without that solution, I just do the (double-click, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, return) loop until I'm finished. Still annoying, but less annoying than typing.


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Well, it's not really unknown. As a safeguard, it could do a "du -hs /opt/appdata" to see the maximum size. Plus, I don't think anyone's asking for the command to do the entire directory as a single tar - just hoping to save some typing. Pretty sure it serializes the process anyway when one types it all out.

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