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Discussion AWS Route 53 Support


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Didn't even notice this release, I ended up moving my domain from r53 to cloudflare. May move back.

Nice one!

Edit: while I'm here, admin, since the website change where are the changelogs now? No idea what's changed since 8.5.1 even though I've updated to 8.5.5 lol


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ya i had to restart for the upgrades for the forum. patched it so i don't have this issue again. the forum is xenforo and wordpress combined. you'll notice https://pgblitz.com/press filling up slowly again.


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Not working for me.
DNS wildcard host record - check, portainer.mydomain.tld:9000 is working - check.
Tried to deploy with creds of my AWS root (just for a test, not using that normally) - so it's not credentials issue of IAM user.
From DNS (Route53) perspective, it's very straightforward so should work.

In IAM I see that credentials have not been accessed at that time, which means that something breaks before validating credentials.

Any particular logs that I could look into?
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the thing is i haven't used it. for cloudflare, godaddy, duckdns, and etc; they work. the procedures executes the same. it's something i look into. i refreshed the wiki for traefik and will work on it.


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Any update to this? Encountering the same issue.
It appears to fail due to the square brackets used for the options:

The error message points to the opening bracket in [AWS_HOSTED_ZONE_ID]

I manually edited provider.yml to remove these and made the file read only to stop plexguide from trying to rewrite the brackets in but this caused the process to fail, apparently due to the file being non-writeable.

Perhaps the issue would be fixed if pg wrote these names into provider.yml without the brackets.
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Kindly asking for the bugfix that was suggested above, as it appears to be the cause.
I understand that those who have the issue can basically clone and create custom container with the fix and not wait for the update, still, is it possible to fix in the general release?


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Still waiting for this issue to be addressed. Likely, removing these square brackets from the config that those coming from will solve this.

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