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autoupload sonarr/radarr after completed



The way I would do it is you use rclone sync or rclone copy instead of rclone moveto. You can edit the script by running npgmove or npgblitz and change the rclone command near the bottom of the file. then reload with sudo service pgmove restart or sudo service pgblitz restart.

If you redeploy mounts, you'll need to edit this config again. Additionally you will have to manually manage the space or decide when to delete local.


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thanks for the reply.. i am asking if is possible to do it with script proccess from sonarr standalone script pgmove and pgblitz i want to left like it works by default..


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i am thinking something like this.. maybe i have errors but if u possible to help me..

# autobackupepisode.sh
# !/bin/bash

# Automatic Backup Sonarr episodes and sync to Google Cloud Drive

if pidof -o %PPID -x "$0"; then
   exit 1

# Variables
useragent="$(cat /var/plexguide/uagent)"
# full path to copy from
source = "$sonarr_episodefile_path"
# series title
title = "$sonarr_series_title"
# the season and file path
episode = "$sonarr_episodefile_relativepath"
#season number
season = "$sonarr_release_seasonnumber"
# backup path
cd "$backup_path"
mkdir "$($($title)\$($season)"
# destination copy
destination = "$($backup_path)\$($title)\$($episode)"

# Send backup to Google Drive
rclone --config "/opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf" copy "$source" "$remote:$destination" --user-agent="$useragent"


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also people says that script it works on powershell
# full path to copy from
$source = $env:sonarr_episodefile_path

# series title
$title = $env:sonarr_series_title

# the season and file path
$episode = $env:sonarr_episodefile_relativepath

# backup path
$backup_path = "E:\TV"

# destination copy
$destination = "$($backup_path)\$($title)\$($episode)"

# if you want to log each copy
Add-Content -Path E:\sonarr_copy.log -Value "$($source) to $($destination)"

# create a shell file so directories are present (Copy-Item will not create directories)
New-Item -ItemType File -Path $destination -Force

# copy the item to the backup location
Copy-Item "$($source)" "$($destination)" -Force
can someone help me to make it for linux bash script?
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