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Ideas Automatic reboot on uninstall??


Junior Member

Can you please not have pgblitz automatically reboot the computer on uninstall?? I just did an uninstall on my local Linux fileserver, and I was NOT ready for a sudden reboot..


Project Manager
The reason this occurs is because without the reboot, tons of bad thing occur :D and your the first to mention this... well ever. Prior, we would get flooded because people uninstalled, reinstalled, then... bad things would occur from there. In PG9, the uninstaller will be different, so it won't be needed. Thanks for letting us know :D


Junior Member
What about making a clear message instead?
Before starting uninstall: A clear message prompt saying that the system will reboot automatically when uninstall is finished.
Or, after uninstall is finished: A message saying that a reboot IS needed.

You have made a fantastic piece of software but a forced reboot out of nowhere is not a good thing..ever.


Junior Member
I agree. Automatic reboots are not friendly in any situation. Users should be presented with a warning that things can occur, and allow them to choose reboot, cancel, or ignore. This allows users to finish up what they are doing and then initiate their reboot.

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