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Chat 'Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page' showing on server after Ubuntu 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y'


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Has anyone experienced this problem after doing updates on their server? Do I need to completely blast plexguide away and re-install... or?


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On attempt to deploy Traefik

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Error starting container 6d6cec926403db9a5a02811add0c585ec251169f8c94628983ff2d6f09b95456: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error (\"driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint traefik (cdde8cbc2f49bebc2ce5f7a8b58f15a60505970a7c6406f9025eb45d06245d3f): listen tcp bind: address already in use\")"}


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Using netstat -atpn, found that apache2 was running on port 80.... don't think this is part of Plexguide, so used-

/etc/init.d/apache2 stop

Traefik then deploys, but getting error during Portainer Validation check.

? Portainer Check

NOTE 1: Do NOT EXIT this interface. Please standby for validation checks!

NOTE 2: Checking on https://my.domain's existance.
Please allow 10 seconds for portainer to boot up.

NOTE 3: Be aware that simple mistakes such as bad input, bad domain, or
not knowing what your doing counts for 75% of the problems.

StandBy - Portainer Validation Checks: 0 Seconds

? Portainer Check: FAILED!
SMART TIP: Check Portainer Now! View the Traefik Logs!

REASON 1 - CloudFlare: portainer is not set in the CNAME or A Records
REASON 2 - DuckDNS : Forgot to create a portainer or * - A Record
REASON 3 - Firewall : Everything is blocked
REASON 4 - DelayValue: Set too low; CF users reported using 90 to work
REASON 5 - OverUse : Deployed too much; hit LetsEncrypt Weekly Limit
REASON 6 - User : PG Locally; Route is not enable to reach server
REASON 7 - User : Bad values input or failed to read the wiki
REASON 8 - User : Forgot to point DOMAIN to CORRECT IP ADDRESS

There are multiple reason for failure! Visit the forums, wiki, or Pgblitz!

Traefik logs are blank when going to my.domain, going to Traefik container and click Logs.

When navigating to https://my.domain, receive SSL error, and looking at cert says its the Traefik default, so might have hit LetsEncyprt limit. Previously however when that was the issue, it threw an error in Traefik logs, so not really sure....


Junior Member
Just came back to the server and the SSL certificate looks like it automatically renewed (without any direct action on my part).

As best I can tell, with running Ubuntu patching, it updated Apache to and it auto set to enabled, taking port 80 and hosing Portainer/Traefik.
Assists Greatly with Development Costs


wget -N https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrDoobPG/clones/master/apache.sh | sudo -H sh

So that's an checker for Apache is running and.port is in use, and automatically remove the services and program.

Clone it and let it run ;)

After this reboot the server and clone the plexguide installer again, and deploy the transport ( pgclone ).
( pgblitz > 5 > 1 > C >>>> Remove all service keys )

Then ho back PGCLONE [ one typ Z ] and create new Keys ! ( I think it 8 or 7.)
Remove the keys on TDrive page [ Members ] and past the new one

Then Press A in PGClone.

Next > close the PGBlitz installer > Z > Z

test the transport >

touch /mnt/move/cron.test && ls -lah /mnt/unionfs

Is the file showing up correct , open drive.google page and go to your TDrive > right side the blue ( I ) and check the page
( sometimes is need round 2 mins for uploading the file. So what just 5mins // drink one coffee or coke // and press CRTL + F5 )

Is the file showing up on the right side und INFO go back to PuTTy and do the next step..


Then go to traefik and deploy this with all variables.
Dont deploy TREAFIK too much. you will hit the ratelimit of Let's Encrypt, and you must wait one week ;)

Do it all slowly and not to fast .

Is something failed , beware we all can help here.,

Forum > Pgblitz > #General

So many user are there and so many help ;)

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