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Hello guys somebody can help me with this issue?



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I could do with a solution to this too as all my containers have invalid SSL.
Any solution?
No, that doesn't work at all.
Have the same problem since today. Rerun traefik did not help.
Maybe rerun traefik?
Hello guys somebody can help me with this issue?
I fixed my problem using this:

  1. First step was updating to latest PG version
  2. Added * per @Admin9705 instructions even though I was manually making these subdomains before
  3. Second step was realizing that the API key only has lowercase letters.
    1. It seems that when I copied and pasted it into my notepad (one note) it placed the first letter upper case.
  4. Redeploying Traefik
  5. All the containers now have HTTPS working properly through Let's Encrypt.
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