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Allow users to download new copy of a movie


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So I have my current PGBlitz setup rocking on an i9 with hardware transcoding. I have just setup organizr with Plex oath so my users can add content, view the download status and see the Sonarr Calendar. I would love to empower them to download a new copy of a movie if the current one is bad. I have a very large library with titles added every day. There are times when the wrong movie or version downloads and since I can't possibly watch every movie I depend on the user to let me know so I can download another version. I can allow them to delete the movie from plex but how can I allow them to have radarr search for a new copy? I really don't want to give them access to radarr directly. I am thinking this will be impossible but has anyone tried to do the same?


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Have you tried Ombi?
Yes, I use ombi and have it configured in organizr with SSO. Been using Ombi forever actually but I am not familiar with a way to allow users to re-download an existing movie. If the movie exists in radarr, ombi won't let you request it again. Here a scenario I am looking to solve.

User requests a movie via Ombi.
Ombi passes the request to radarr which downloads the movie
User start watching the movie in Plex but realizes it's the wrong movie or in the wrong language
User now needs to send me an email letting me know the situation so I can log into radarr and manually download a new version and replace the current version

See it's that last step I am trying to automate. I can give users the ability to delete the movie from Plex but then radarr won't initiate a new download until it realizes the file is missing and a new copy shows up on an RSS feed. It would be great if they can somehow tell radarr to do this task automatically. And at that, it is possible radarr will download the same version since it did not get blacklisted from radarr.

I know this is a tall order and would probably take someone writing an explicit program to accomplish this. If nobody knows of a current method for this I may make a feature request with the ombi developer.
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