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Discussion Allow server only access to TDrive (and not to GDrive)

Are you using TDrive or GDrive for storing media files?

  • TDrive

    Votes: 8 88.9%
  • GDrive

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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Hi everyone

Thanks for all the work in creating PGBlitz! I'm now successfully running a Plex server linked to Google Drive.
This is working awesome with 'Unencrypted Blitz' option in PG Clone.

However, I would like to finetune the configuration a bit.

Currently the server has access to GDrive and TDrive, but I would like to limit this by only allowing access to a TDrive (which has specifically created for Plex). By doing this, the server should not have access to GDrive.

Anyone succeeded in this configuration?

Kind regards!


Blitz 3rd Class
I've investigated rclone and it has an option to only set a specific folder as root for rclone. This way, only a partial GDrive is exposed. More info can be found on https://rclone.org/drive/ under Root folder ID. This is actually working great in my testing setup, but would prefer not to manually change my production setup (which has been configured by PGBlitz).

So, any ideas on how this can be done through PGBlitz? Or is everyone exposing their complete G/TDrive to their server?
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