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Discussion additional subdomain in docker / traefik config

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right now I have plex installed in a docker (as you'd expect) and accessible via https://plex.mydomain.com:443 (or just plex.mydomain.com which redirects perfectly).

What I want is www.mydomain.com to also be able to access the plex container. I can see I need to add something in the docker - specifically traefik.frontend.rule - but where can I edit this?



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I thought i could help with this one but I failed.

steps i took

1. login to ssh
2. type- plexguide
3. select "3 Traefik & TLD Deployment" (you will see its set to portainer)
4. select "2 Set Top Level Domain App"
5. type the name of a running container that you wish to be the main domain (plex)
6. select "6 Deploy Traefik" & redeploy all containers.

The result was the removal of the portainer docker from the TLD but not the addition of the plex container. So the main domain results in "404 page not found".

Any guru's care to chime in?



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Thanks for trying to help.

For anyone searching for this in future, stop the container, click "edit/duplicate" in portainer, add or amend the label on the labels tab, deploy the container, job jobbed.

I expect a redeploy of that program from plexguide might overwrite the setting as it deletes and recreates the containers, but it’s a simple enough fix.

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