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Discussion Accessing NZBGET etc on GCE


Blitz 3rd Class
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I've just set up PGCE and the install was a dream - thank you.

However... To access NZBGET etc, I'm using the external IP address from Google and port number and not getting anything back. Is there any firewall config I'm missing?

Thanks and - to say again - an absolutely dream install, excellent work all round!


Blitz Sergeant
Use the internal dns name nzbget:6789, should do this for all your apps as the container ips can change from time to time and mess things up.


Blitz Sergeant
Or is you are trying to access from outside of the network, you either have to setup treafik so you can use a domain or disable pggaurd to access with serverip:6789


Blitz 3rd Class
Thanks for the guidance, very much appreciated. It turns out that despite nzbget being installed several times, the container isn't being created, so I can get to PGUI via <ip-add>:8555 but I'll never get to NZBGET if the container isn't actually installing, ha, ha!

Time for some more delving, it seems...

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