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Access Your Ubuntu Via SSH


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Obtaining Your IP Address
  • Configure or set the IP Address
  • Cannot remember?
    • Type "ifconfig" (Linux)
  • (IF) VMware: Use bridge mode and assign an IP via mac address or in the OS, assign a STATIC IP address!
Access SSH via Linux via Windows
Access SSH via MAC/Linux
  • Utilize a built in program called Terminal
  • Goto Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app or search for terminal
Troubleshooting Tips for Access
  • Ensure that your IP Address is correct, including port number.
  • Firewall can be a choke point.
  • You should not have to configure anything out of the ordinary.
  • Your network setup can be the main problem
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If you installed Ubuntu on a personal machine yourself, make sure you enabled the SSH server. If you installed the server version, you needed to select "OpenSSH Server" in the list of package families during the install process. If you did not check the box or you installed the desktop version of Ubuntu without the SSH server, you need to run the following command at a prompt

sudo apt install openssh-server

You may be prompted to enter your own password. Once you do and complete the command, follow the wiki for remote access.

Note that if you don't wish to set up a Samba server (Windows-compatible file and print server) on your host, you may use an scp client to upload and download files between your end user workstation and Plex server. Just log into an scp client with your Linux host credentials the same way you would an ssh client and you now have file-level access to the server using whatever privileges are assigned to the userid you used at login.

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