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Discussion A way to increase speed to TDrives


Junior Member
Just thought I would mention that another way to speed transfers to TDrive is by using another project at the same time. Just thought I would mention that. Probably everyone already knows that.


Junior Member
Yeah... I've been just screwing around with it and Sitevered that no matter how many service accounts I have linked over to TDrive it will eventually slow down. So I just add another project and more service accounts and apparently I can do that indefinitely. I am not using free credits or anything here as I have a ton of long term resources on my account at Google. So I've just been experimenting (jacking around).


Respected Member
I have not noticed this. I have had 24 service accounts setup on two gcloud servers to do a team drive to team drive clone. It would rotate through the accounts after limits are hit, 12 accounts on each server. I had a consistent 2.5 gigabit transfer on both servers for 2 weeks.


Senior Member
Oh nice. Thats pretty impressive


Respected Member
I asked for this as part of the pgclone update already. The easiest way I see to do it is to be able to set a new project and keys in pgclone, and save the keys in a project folder like all the programs, instead of just one key backup folder and can only have on set of keys like there is currently.

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