8.6 Changelog - OLD TEST COMMENTS


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Hey Admin9705
PGClone steps 1-6 go great.
7 gives this message...

Utilizing Encryption requires setting passwords first!

NOTE: When setting the passwords, they act as a private key in order
to encrypt your data!


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Morning 👋

Should 8.6test5 be able to deploy PGBlitz unencrypted or am I miss-reading the post? Just installed but can't get further than the test part, same as test3. Just making sure :)

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Ok, got back in and managed to get Blitz unencrypted to deploy properly, with some trial and error. Here's a list of what happened:

  • Updated from 8.6test3 (where I had already set up Blitz Unencrypted, just hadn't deployed) to 8.6test5
  • Tried to deploy Blitz on 8.6test5 and got the above not ready error
  • rebooted server from SSH session
  • Server came online normally but without port 22 access, so couldn't SSH
  • Used Hetzner to perform a reset on the server, twice.
  • Regained SSH access but was immediately prompted that Traefik wasn't deployed correctly. (Had been working fine till this reboot)
  • Ran pgupdate again and selected 8.6test5 again.
  • Was able to deploy Blitz this time.
  • Traefik is now failing to deploy so I've had to open port guard to access apps.
Not sure if any of these things are related to each other or if my luck just sucks but thought best to detail it all just in case. I'm testing now to see if Blitz is actually working correctly, will update soon :)
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No. Pg is modular so when you run the pgblitz mod, it's independent of others. The lack of port 22 access is something else as PG does nothing with the port or ssh :D. The red flag was when You said your stuff didnt change.
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