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Discussion 8.6.5 PGmove command


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Hi there,

Just want to point out, when trying to check status of files being moved, pgmove brought this up

tail: option used in invalid context -- 2

this saddens me
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The following is if you use if you use pgblitz

If you use PGMove:
Simply change pgblitz.sh commands to pgmove.sh

Without redeploy >>

service pgblitz stop
service pgblitz status
kill {pid} numbers

cd /opt/appdata/pgblitz
nano pgblitz
scroll.down and find this line

(At the end)
find "{{hdpath}}/move/" -type d -mmin +2 -empty -exec rm -rf {} \;

Change to

find "{{hdpath}}/move/" -mindepth 2 -type d -mmin +2 -empty -exec rm -rf {} \;

Ctrg + x > y

chmod -R 755 pgblitz.sh

sudo mkdir /mnt/move

chown -cR 1000:1000 /mnt/move

service pgblitz start

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