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PG News 8.5 ChangeLog

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Version 8.5 is focused on the Traefik module for current updates. Also version 8.5 will be slowly change to reflect the changes of the new https://github.com/PGBlitz organization

NOTE: If you have permission problems, redeploy your drives using PG Clone

8.5.8 HotFix

Repaired Plex Local

8.5.7 HotFix

Repaired Plex Remote

8.5.6 Fixes

PG Shield is now modularRepaired if user enters a repo program such as PGShield or PG Apps and decide’s to exit instead of deployingUser can now type pgblitz or plexguide to startChanged tons of urls to pgblitzPG Blitz repaired for transitionPG Shield clones if it doesn’t exist on startupThanks (Chudz) – 8.5 pulls from the correct repo as part of the installer, was pulling form older wrong one.User can now turn off emergency/warning messages under settings

FORK USERS: You must update your Core and Community Apps to reflect v8.5.6 (do pull a pull request on your repo, minor change)

8.5+ General Fix

Emby is set...
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