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Discussion 500 GB of bandwidth being used nightly


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I have a very strange issue. Every night at two or 3 in the morning, my pgblitz server is using 500GB of bandwidth but there aren’t any new movies or tv shows.

i am trying to look through logs but can’t figure it out. Curious if anybody has any suggestions?

pgui doesn’t show any activity. Is there anywhere else to look at logs for what the heck is going on?


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That sounds like the same issue I had. It's the "deep media analysis" in the scheduled maintenance section. Try to uncheck it and see if your problem is fixed.


Junior Member
Thanks for the recommendation! Where is that option? Is it in Plex or do I have to use command line pgblitz and find the option? Looking and can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance. Much appreciated


Junior Member
Well i had to uncheck several options and still dont know which one caused it but after changing 5 of my scheduled tasks everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the advice guys

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