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Chat 2x HDD Best Setup for Post Processing Speed


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Atm I have all my apps and OS on 1 Hard Drive and then all my download/extracting/copying on another. Atm I have to set NZBGet to 10-20Mbit max for the post processing to keep up, this is with hardlinking enabled. Is there a better setup for this?

Maybe set the downloading to one drive and extracting to another? If so how would I do this setup in NZBGet? I can only see 2 paths one for temp and for downloaded files but none for extracted.


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Nah its a Hetzner, 2x 3TB HDD disk lol guess im out of luck?
Without scrapping that and buying a different server you might be, don't think you can add SSD's later from Hetzner auction servers.

I run a server in Hetzner with 1x SSD and 2x HDD. All of my applications run on the SSD and downloads are handled by HDD's. Can normally max out the GB connection and post processing seems to keep up fine.

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