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    Discussion New 8.6.3 pgui showing 'hit for open' on blitz log, rclone mount checks, and basic info

    version 8.6.4 updated for it. just redeploy pgui from pgbox core incase
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    Solved Traefik Totally Stumped (GoDaddy)

    Haha good. U see.the checker works :D
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    Intro Hey there!

    Good luck!
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    Solved Traefik Totally Stumped (GoDaddy)

    Gotta read the logs in portainer
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    Hetzner Advice for a Newbie

    Do they? Thought it was that did that. Ya the hd matters on how u use the server. Welcome by the way! Also u can run test with a home vm or
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    Plex Automatic Scanning

    the automatic scanning will be added to pg9 just fyi, but will be a minute.
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    Chat Chernobyl

    ugh, still keep forgetting to watch. it's on tonight!
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    Discussion 403 error
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    Invites (W) SimplyNZB

    for nzbgeek, you need to run nzbhydra. hit them up alot, and they'll accuse you of all kinds of stuff (which i don't blame).
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    Discussion gdrive, tdrive, unionfs mounting problems...

    You need to change your variables so they only have numbers in them via the clone settings. The hh and mm points to that.
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    Solved Uploads Stopped

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    Ideas Tautulli Multi Server edition

    Plex is 100 and emby is 15 u less I'm missing something.
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    Ideas What docker you want to add in community!!

    can for pg version 9 or talking about forum area?
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    Discussion Process from move to blitz

    no pgmove shouldn't run. when you see all those fancy colors when you deploy, it deletes all the services. if wrong, @MrDoob said he'll eat crow :D
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    Solved Fails to deploy

    It's basically looking for a file on your gdrive. Please make sure.the configs are correct. The ban has cleared up.
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    Discussion Lots of Partial Files on TDrive

    PGBlitz exempts this. I haven't seen this issue I. Quite a long time. Have you tested.on another box?
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    [Current Outage] Google API Outage + QuickFix

    Alright guys, good run and closed. Ironcially it's what I toldmost people, give it 2 to 4 days. Don't be surprised when we see this again in 4-6 months!
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    [Current Outage] Google API Outage + QuickFix

    Yep did that before
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    Discussion Plex Accessible.

    You might have to check with your host provider. you'll hate this, but sign up for a account (super cheap) run it and you can test. it's good to have a test box against your real for a sanity check. sounds likely it's them though :(
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    Invites (W) SimplyNZB

    ha never heard of :D
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    Ideas What docker you want to add in community!!

    sup @Brix long time no see :D
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    [Current Outage] Google API Outage + QuickFix

    This thread will close in 24 if no more 429 issues
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    Solved Uploads Stopped

    Could be. Giving it time will give you some insight. I usually wait because you could make changes that.compound the issue