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    PG News 8.6 Changelog

    All with the help of others :D 8.6 beta is much better
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    PG News 8.6 Changelog

    hey @Nigel you were one of the first original 10 members :D i remember you well. how you been? program release are more stable, def with the project being modular.
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    Solved Slow speed on Google Cloud server and Plex

    hey you figured it out haha
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    Discussion Nzbget getting errors

    users reported using 8.6beta1 resolved tons of issues. try that and redeploy nzbget and see how it works out!
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    Discussion pgunion failed

    You may need to test on a VM or hetzner cloud box. Works fine on clean installs and feedback from other users
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    Ideas [PG UI] Link the logo to

    No prob. Will update later on for 8.6
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    Chromebook Gaming & Nintendo Switch Controller

    Ya no dongle needed. Works perfect as is
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    Discussion pgunion failed

    deploy pg 8.6beta1 and see what you get; did a complete rewrite on it
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    USENET Speeds at Hetzner

    this is my guess; hetzer slows down things about. on other servers, my newshosting alone including gce hit well over 100MB
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    Discussion Share NFS or Samba

    for pg8.6, i'm adding int he options to add multiple drives. basically any drives you mount can tie into /mnt/unionfs the user will either select data goes to local or gdrive, so you could run a local box and tie in gdrive if you wanted to, or tie in the local drives as read only and write to...
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    PG News 8.6 Changelog

    got it, ya it's the name set piece. have to work a new solution for that. doesn't break anything. server name is just needed for backup and restores. name can be set in pgvault.
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    PG News 8.6 Changelog

    correct, plus using your old ones will not work. there is a new structure how the keys are built. if you want to test, just build 2 keys. won't impact your other keys for 8.5
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    Discussion Share NFS or Samba

    no, it's a nightmare to work with nfs and smb and to have it work with pgblitz. it can work, but there is alot of work. i know a few pro users got it to work, but may be hard for a response (unless one of them catch this)
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    Discussion Docker Path mapping Torrent

    @MrDoob will know off hand, (i've been busy on other areas)
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    Discussion Trakt.or - Plex TV-Show Library tracker

    @H1f0x stuck the thread so it gains more visibility; haven't test yet but will
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    Games Final Fantasy VII Remake

    this is the part to get excited about
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    Games Final Fantasy VII Remake

    As long as they don't piece meal the game like FFXV! :ROFLMAO:
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    Music Shatter Me

    i actually saw that live. simon had a stupid look on his face.
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    Discussion Upgrade did not go well

    give it a go now with pg 8.5 :D
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    Discussion Resilio docker file edit

    check the and click the community apps. fork it and then you can edit it if that's what your asking
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    Discussion PG Patrol is not kicking transcodes

    ya i would have to come back to this and the absense of answers means that others are not having issues. mine is currently working. i hate python to some extent because it can be very finiky.
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    Invites [W] Dognzb / omgwtfnzbs [H] Myanonamouse / GazelleGames

    there are several posting invites. you should post on their threads or pm the posters.
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    Discussion namecheap simply doesn't work

    they are big scams, back in the day there was work they had to do; but with automations. ya godaddy does this to. the letsencrypt is what takes this out of the equation against them. but they're stupid because it's like hey; goto godaddy for your domains because we're too stupid to open up our...
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    Battlestar Galactica

    they could really do it. the newer was nice, but disconjointed like how star trek enterprise was.