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  1. DarkSteel

    What version of Plex do you use?

    Is switching to their beta worth it. I have a Plex pass and never used it. Have you ever encountered any problems?
  2. DarkSteel

    Filebot Good?

    is filebot a good program? I saw some sales on it. I have some content that I have to rename, but too lazy to do it all.
  3. DarkSteel

    AuS TV

    I enjoy watching shows from AuS, but cannot find a good list of shows to watch. Anyone have some recommendations? @pentaganos
  4. DarkSteel

    I'm Just a Panada Bear

    my all favorite:
  5. DarkSteel

    Kodi Experiences?

    Any recent luck with Kodi? Use it back in 2012, but seen alot of neg press about the addons. Should I try it again?
  6. DarkSteel

    Should I run a VM on an SSD or M2?

    So I’m looking at running some virtual machines for Plex Drive, but is an M2 overkill?
  7. DarkSteel

    Discussion Hertzner?

    the data centers are not to far compared to most USA servers. i heard about hackers trying to get in quite a bit from some reddit forms. has anyone used hertzner?