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  1. AMMJ93

    Invites [W] Drunkenslug [O] NZBplanet [O] NZBsu [O] DOGnzb

    As title says. PM me if available.
  2. AMMJ93

    Bazarr file paths

    Is there a reason why the Bazarr file paths aren't fixed yet? Using the following container now with fixed file path: traefik.frontend.rule: 'Host:{{pgrole}}.{{domain.stdout}},{{tldset}}' - name: 'Setting PG Volumes' set_fact: pg_volumes: -...
  3. AMMJ93

    PlexGuide.. my new addiction

    Hi everyone, I am so glad I came across PG. Really helped me out with setting up my own Media Server. Have spent alot of time perfecting everything and still have some issues, but I am really enjoying setting up everything and puzzling around. Maybe I spend too much time on it lately..
  4. AMMJ93

    Discussion No external access

    I can access all my apps through (godaddy) when connected locally, but I cant access them from an external network. What did I do wrong?
  5. AMMJ93

    Discussion Traefik and PG Shield

    Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thank you all for making PlexGuide available. It is a truly awesome project. I have however two problems that I wasnt able to solve: First of all I have everything set up and Traefik deployed. I can access all apps via (im using...