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    Discussion API banned the last two days after updating to 8.1.3 and Sonnar-Preview??

    Hey guys, has anyone else seen a rise in API usage since installing the sonarr preview with PG 8.1.3? I appear to have been banned the last two nights. No more traffic then normal but I am watching movies and suddenly everything stops around 11 pm and I'm unable to access anything until later...
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    Discussion Blitz has suddenly stopped uploading

    Hey guys, So today for some unknown reason my system has stopped uploading files with blitz. i'm currently on 8.1.3. Have not made any changes, it was working this morning then stopped loading episodes this afternoon. Everything appears to be stuck in my Move folder. I have redeployed, removed...
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    Invites Anyone willing to share a DrukenSlug invite with me?

    Does anyone have any DrukenSlug invites available? I would offer to wash your car in return, but me in a swimsuit isnt that pretty lol.
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    Discussion cleanup error

    migrated to a new GCE, installed the new version of plexguide. Everything is up and running perfect, except i noticed files were not getting deleted on upgrade. I checked and the cron job for had not been added. I manually added that with no issues and recycled the crontab...
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    Sonarr/Radarr: Files wont delete for upgrade?

    Hey Guys, Maybe im missing something here. I have everything working fine, everything downloads and uploads perfect... However, whenever sonarr or radarr upgrade a file it will not delete then current file, the app logs says it does but it doesn't remove from Tdrive. So I end up with double...
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    Discussion PG Blitz: unable to log into google Account / gcloud: command not found

    Hi, I have been using plexguide and its amazing, Thank you to everyone for the great work. However, today is the first day trying to set up PGBlitz and everything was going fine until I got to Key Management. Once I try and login to my google Account I get /opt/plexguide/menu/functions/
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    Discussion UnionFS wont start missing files under /usr/bin

    Hi, I did a clean install of Plexguide today and seem to be having an issue with unionfs service starting after deploying my Gdrive. Move and Gdrive seem to be running fine but unionfs fails. ● unionfs.service - UnionFS Daemon Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/unionfs.service; enabled; vendor...
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