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  1. Datamonkeh

    VPS + VPN

    VPN containers are already available, many use Privoxy to allow other containers etc. to use them as a proxy. I’ve also known people install a hypervisor and things like pfsense to handle tunnels on both ends, add virtual switching and then pass the encrypted connection to the rest of the VLAN...
  2. Datamonkeh

    Multiple Parallel Plex Servers

    It’s certainly possible, to all intents with separate config directories and containers you could run several, you’d just need to run them on different ports. But the bigger question is why? You can limit different users access to libraries and prevent things like transcoding while using...
  3. Datamonkeh

    IPTV with plex?

    Two quick issues having had a play with this under PG: The PG output states http://IP_HERE:34400 for access, it should read http://IP_HERE:34400/web/ or you'll get nowhere. Adding an xml guide results in a permissions issue: Error: open /tmp/xteve/xmltv.php: permission denied.
  4. Datamonkeh

    Buffering / Videos stop playing

    Yep, Rclone settings :)
  5. Datamonkeh

    Advice wanted for a new server

    If you follow the hard linking section of the wiki, IO Wait would look like a lot less of a problem, you could also consider doing the work with a cheap VPS, with a modest 200Mbit symmetrical connection and hard linking, an SSD box should manage 2TB a day.
  6. Datamonkeh

    Buffering / Videos stop playing

    Have you enabled cache in your TDrive settings? Your WAN bandwidth may not be the issue, it could be routing/peering (what happens when you run the speedtest server built into PG?) or that the local devices are for example connected via wifi etc. Unfortunately diagnosing an issue requires you to...
  7. Datamonkeh

    Advice wanted for a new server

    Have you looked at the hard linking process? This can significantly reduce your iowait issues. As far as spec goes, I built a Ryzen 1700 (65w non X version) with 32GB and a 500GB 970 Pro shortly after launch, even now its still a very powerful server, combined with a cheap GPU I’ll run out of...
  8. Datamonkeh

    Nvidia GPU Patched Plex Docker Possible?

    Late to the party, but have been doing this with my M2000 for a good few months now, it works well for my needs.
  9. Datamonkeh

    Comparison between GPUs for transcoding

    I have a lot of love for Unraid, it's arguably the best value software i've ever purchased.
  10. Datamonkeh

    Ideas Plex Media Player will no longer be supported or receive updates after January 30th, 2020 For anyone interested.
  11. Datamonkeh

    Discussion PGblitz GCE install

    So your credentials are either invalid or wrong as per the suggestion of possible reasons in the image.
  12. Datamonkeh

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    It depends on what the intended usage is, what the un-named 8 cores are and what the storage and connectivity is like.
  13. Datamonkeh

    Ideas Plex Media Player will no longer be supported or receive updates after January 30th, 2020

    I think we have vastly different ideas about high end, 10K US should buy you a half decent 4K PJ and screen, a decent AV set-up could easily run your budget to 2-3x or more than that depending on what you want to do. Plex’s main strength is it’s ability to transcode (useless feature for high...
  14. Datamonkeh

    NZBGET Downloads - running out of HDD on 2TB. Is this typical?

    Then i'd be checking whichever transport method you are using is deployed properly, if it isn't then you'd get exactly what you describe.
  15. Datamonkeh

    Invites Free SignUp

    I get a little nervous when someone signs up and makes one single post pimping a new tracker with absolutely zero info. Each to his/her own though.
  16. Datamonkeh

    Ideas Plex Media Player will no longer be supported or receive updates after January 30th, 2020

    Ever get the feeling some people enjoy being overly dramatic for the sake of it? Who honestly uses PMP in an HTPC set-up in this day and age? I built my first dedicated HTPC 18 years ago (Shuttle SV24), I haven't bothered with an HTPC setup in at least 5 years, if not longer. Between...
  17. Datamonkeh

    Discussion Still stuck in /mnt/move

    Most of the time you'll find that data doesn't make it from downloads to move, usually because sonarr/radarr doesn't pick the file name up - the folder name will be fine, but the file is still random alphanumeric. If you look at the appropriate logs, you'll see why... hint: its a radarr/sonarr...
  18. Datamonkeh

    NZBGET Downloads - running out of HDD on 2TB. Is this typical?

    The advice you've been given tells you how to work out exactly where your data is, it's likely to be failed downloads and logs, it's not difficult to spot based on the size of the directories.
  19. Datamonkeh

    Invites tweaknews 81% lifetime Siteunt

    A years worth of TweakNews runs you the same as 4 months of Eweka, you could always chuck a month of Eweka on periodically if it's an issue.
  20. Datamonkeh

    Discussion Unable to change VFS-Cache-Mode to "write"

    Although not good practice, a sudo su first will solve that...
  21. Datamonkeh

    Chat High CPU

    It depends what Sonarr is doing, I can burn 40% on a library update quite easily.
  22. Datamonkeh

    Chat Google drive

    It will work on the basis of 750GB/day upload, if it's edu related or provided by your employer, i'd suggest you don't use it though for obvious reasons.
  23. Datamonkeh

    Server Myths

    I keep seeing people spending money on hardware that makes little no sense for the intended usage, it generally follows a predictable pattern, here are a few of the usual mistakes people make. I just Sitevered Plex (congrats… it only took you a decade plus), I should buy an old server from...
  24. Datamonkeh

    Shadow - Could this be the furure of computing?

    Onlive was a great idea, but ultimately Sony got the tech and did very little with it. Value wise, this is interesting, but not game changing, also seems unavailable in many locations :(