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  1. AMMJ93

    Discussion Cleaning My Server (advice needed)

    35GB metadata for 10k movies and 20k episodes. That gives you some perspective.
  2. AMMJ93

    Ideas The User can choose "The New Installer for PG"

    It would also really help if people try out the betas and give some feedback!
  3. AMMJ93

    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    Nah man, you are refering to the other site
  4. AMMJ93

    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    And now its closed. First to register on the normal site when posted and now not being able to login on the working one, sadly
  5. AMMJ93

    Discussion pg blitz - cant delele files in team drive

    Did you upload them as content manager? Or contributor?
  6. AMMJ93

    Discussion A couple of issues with GCE

    Is it not blitz for the logs? And pgblitz and plexguide for starting PG
  7. AMMJ93

    Discussion Why do some things never transfer?

    I wouldnt delete files directly from folders. Delete them first from the queue, or radarr will keep looking for the files. Some files are just not recognized by sonarr and radarr. Either delete from queue and then disk or manual import them in sonarr or radarr
  8. AMMJ93

    Brexit Effects?

    Nothing changes :)
  9. AMMJ93

    Discussion Does PG Blitz remove local files after uploading?

    The "unencrypted" folders you see are just unencrypted by your password and SALT password when mounted (rclone). If you look in your web GUI Google drive you will see that there are no folder names or whatever with the actual names, everything is in the encrypt folder. Oh and Plex should point...
  10. AMMJ93

    Discussion Does PG Blitz remove local files after uploading?

    Tdrive is mounted. If you delete stuff there, you lose the files on your tdrive. And yes, unionfs is a merged collection of your gdrive AND tdrive. You could also check radarr and sonarr activity tab and see if some stuff is yellow and manual import it (or delete it).
  11. AMMJ93

    Discussion Does PG Blitz remove local files after uploading?

    Succesfully uploaded files get automatically deleted. If Radarr however doesnt recognize a file (which sometimes happen) it wont be uploaded nor deleted. Just stays in /mnt/downloads/nzbget (or sabnzbd). Either delete it or manual import it in Radarr. DONT delete from unionfs, you will lose the...
  12. AMMJ93

    Discussion dedube not working

    You can also specify config location with --config /opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf (out of the top of my head)
  13. AMMJ93

    Discussion duplicate folders on my team drive

    With what parameters hooper? I did dedupe today without getting an API ban luckily
  14. AMMJ93

    Discussion pgmove & pgblitz not able to deploy under 7.7.6

    I have those and my blitz works fine. So yeah.. if blitz works I wouldnt worry
  15. AMMJ93

    Invites [W] Drunkenslug [O] NZBplanet [O] NZBsu [O] DOGnzb

    As title says. PM me if available.
  16. AMMJ93

    Discussion Create more keys Blitz Encrypted

    Ours? What do you mean? The service accounts should be contributors
  17. AMMJ93

    Discussion Create more keys Blitz Encrypted

    Yeah, I changed that a while back when I noticed it. Might be the cause of deletions then :)
  18. AMMJ93

    Discussion Create more keys Blitz Encrypted

    Some Googling tells me otherwise
  19. AMMJ93

    Discussion Create more keys Blitz Encrypted

    Doesnt deleting members delete the data they uploaded? I ask this because I removed 6 users previously and lost TBs of data
  20. AMMJ93

    Discussion PGBlitz is pretty awesome

  21. AMMJ93

    Discussion Hetzner server with PG

    I think some GUIs just bring more problems than they solve because the user doesn't know what it actually does and thus doesn't know how olto troubleshoot something easily. I get where the 'No GUI is better' comes from. As someone who wants to run a server you should (maybe gradually) learn your...
  22. AMMJ93

    Need help for Plex Server?

    Didn't figure that out all the time. Have used the Local version since the beginning and had to tweak some settings and files to get it to work properly. Time to do it in the proper way next time I redeploy.
  23. AMMJ93

    Portainer not functioning

    Kinda weird to have so many problems in Ubuntu (like your previous topic). Have you tried setting up PG in a GCE or Hetzner server? If you manage to get that up and running its definitely your setup.
  24. AMMJ93

    Discussion deleting files

    After updating to 8.2.0 I get the following error when trying to access the PG Clone menu: /bin/bash: /bin/bash: cannot execute binary file bash: /opt/pgclone/ No such file or directory
  25. AMMJ93

    Discussion pgblitz - User rate limit exceeded

    I also have the problem of pgblitz not cycling through the accounts just stops after the first one reaches its upload limit