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  1. ultralord

    PGBlitz update problem or run

    Hello i have this problem at the moment.. it stucked there..
  2. ultralord

    autoupload sonarr/radarr after completed

    Hello its possible when i add series on local disk with sonarr after succesfully download episode also put it local and also upload it on gdrive/tdrive to have it as backup? using this script? how the rclone command...
  3. ultralord

    Discussion Question to backup data with pgblitz

    Hello i have some media on category /home/username and i want to backup them on tdrive on some directory how i can do it without having any problem? if i put them on /mnt doesnt work is 4TB and i have only 100 gb free so i cant copy.. but i want to upload them with pgblitz is that possible...
  4. ultralord

    Discussion PGBlitz move 8.6.6 doesnt work

    Hello after some problems from others topics i made.. i setup a vps from contabo with ubuntu 18.04 and pgblitz 8.6.6 i setup the pgblitz move for my gdrive.. I saw all the files but also with touch test.txt on mnt/move or mnt/unionfs doesnt work.. if i put touch test.txt on mnt/tdrive it...
  5. ultralord

    Discussion pgmove without encryption doesnt upload

    Hello pgmove and gdrive all are connected with api credentials but the files on /mnt/move and /mnt/unionfs doesnt upload.. if i put a file on /mnt/gdrive they upload.. can someone help me what is the problem to fix it? on service says: ● pgmove.service - Move Service Daemon Loaded: loaded...
  6. ultralord

    Discussion problem mount 8.6.5 and also 8.6.6

    As i see today some files doesnt upload on gdrive so i re-deploy the gdrive but i have this error i put --allow-non-empty on ngdrive and i do systemctl reload gdrive.service and i start that services and then it works.. i tried to deploy again the mount and again i have this error.. How i...
  7. ultralord

    Discussion gdrive and problem when playing movies/series

    Hello today i see some problem i cant play from samsung tv on plex the movies/series on gdrive.. directly from gdrive web is ok and playing.. sometimes on laptop works but not on samsung tv for some reason it stopped.. i had PG Edition - GDrive - 6.082 and now i put pgblitz 6.8.3 the content is...
  8. ultralord

    problem on Jdownloader trying to install it..

    can someone help me to install it?
  9. ultralord

    question about access paths

    Hello i setup a demo of the latest pgblitz on one vps.. all was ok.. i just want to ask.. if is possible on sonarr/radarr/rutorrent runnng from the docker to change the path of completed/uncompleted downloads.. i want to get the .torrent files from sonar/radar to a folder like...
  10. ultralord

    Discussion problem deploy on last version upgrade

    I do a upgrade to 6.0.82 and when i trying to deploy the pgmove it says PG Drive & Move Deployed! Press [ANY KEY] to Continueshell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  11. ultralord

    PGDrive or plexdrive..?

    I recently use plexguide and i setup my live system and it works.. but the problem is that the stream have 15 seconds to start and maybe sometimes says error playback after 2-3 times it works ok.. but many users complaint about that.. is possible somehow to make it work better/?
  12. ultralord

    Hello fresh install on vps

    Hello days now i read and read again about it.. i tried to install it on a vps before install it on my live server with content etc.. I do all the steps and install i think everything in version: 6.055 because i stable and not beta.. i want to ask as i want to make it with my gsuite without...