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    PG Shield - Not authorized

    In Firefox you can clear data for the domain and it will reset the login. Just found the same error.
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    Anyone figure out Xteve yet?

    Did you try to connect to xsteve with the ip address:port and not the url? I wrote the original xsteve community app, but I think it was modified from my version. I had to use the IP and I had it working with IP only. I am not currently using xsteve, so I can't help with what is currently going...
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    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing! but all are gone from the last list.
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    Change subdomain's name

    You could go into Portainer and change it on the containers, and then reboot that container and the traefik on and oauth one if you authentication on as well.. only issue with that is, you would have to change it every time you update pgblitz. You could make a copy and put it in the my container...
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    Guides HOWTO: Configure traefik to handle multiple domain names

    Do you have this working on Version 8? Do you have this install in one of the community apps yet?
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    Discussion Can I mount gdrive/tdrive in Windows?

    File stream, Google official app, for windows and Mac. You can find a link in Google drive.
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    UI With Qbittorrent - Says I have no domain

    You would want to follow the Traefik setup, the link is in the wiki
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    Maximum number of keys

    You have to go into your project inside and find your project, either by the name you made for manual or plexguide for the automatic one and you hit the limit of 10 service keys per service count. You are going to have to remove all of them and setup all of your servers or go...
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    Discussion Team Drive?

    Figured it out, I was making the service accounts in the account where my cloud admin if I moved over to my g suite admin account, not the same account and then created the service account it works.
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    Discussion Team Drive?

    I had blitz working last night on the gce and then went to add more service accounts and I can't get it to validate anything else now. Made the mistake of shutting down the gce over night and tried to redo it today and still nothing will validate jsons. I have the emails in the ownership and fail...